Thursday, October 06, 2005

Never again on the line... we hope...

Well, the time has come for another blog to sign off.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read our humble little blog. Our intent was always to entertain and humour, to see the lighter side of a potentially very dark situation.

Our "crew" at the transmitter site was a very eclectic bunch yet we came together and formed a real little community of sorts. Lots of laughing, lots of eating, lots of coffee and lots of honking!! Oh, and abit of picketing mingled in there somewhere.

I don't know about my colleagues but I am already feeling separation anxiety! A few of us that were regularly picketing at the Sherwood Park transmitter site don't normally work there, we are usually at the downtown office. We'll have to re-adjust to the commute and working in the mall. It just won't be the same on the inside. (no honking...) Maybe we'll drop in to the transmitter site sometime... maybe to picket... just for old times sake.... NOT! But we will drop in and see what it's like on the other side of that fence. And don't worry, we'll bring donuts.

To the REAL transmitter and mobile crew that actually work at the site, THANK YOU, for being such gracious hosts and well... basically... for putting up with us. You guys are the best. See you on the inside.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Road trip Quiz

As promised, here is the quiz regarding Kathy & Susan's road trip to Saskatchewan last week. I hope you were all listening attentively to their stories. Remember, whoever gets all three questions right earns 4 free hours of picket duty. Good luck!

Question #1 : How many jars of sauerkraut did Susan and Kathy pick up during their trip?

Question #2 : How many rings of kielbasa did they buy in Mundare?

Question #3 : Where in Saskatchewan did Susan & Kathy save a cow?

Good luck with the quiz!! For many more pictures of their fabulous road trip, please check out this link. You'll be treated to some great pictures of Kathy picketing with her 90 year old mother in Regina, Kathy & Susan doing some door-to-door outreach work in Saskatoon and much, much more....

Friday, September 09, 2005


  • Our first visitor to the site was Marlene J. who brought delicious hot biscuits. (Come back anytime!)
  • One morning a semi-trailer came down Wye Road, the wrong way and halted all traffic. The trailer was attempting to pick up a building at the transmitter site. Rumour has it that it was driven by a manager.
  • RCMP 2 night stakeout at the transmitter site due to a domestic dispute in the neighbourhood.
  • Don Shue took some time out of his new football cameraman career to stop by and rub our faces in it.
  • Best honking day so far : Friday, September 2nd (due to approaching Labour Day weekend perhaps?)
  • Best Handout Day (yet) : Also Friday, September 2nd.
  • A definate event was the day the Porta-potty arrived. No more excuses to drive to a washroom. Damn!
  • The day the "Gazebo" arrived. Many thanks to AUPE. They also dropped off 30 lbs of coffee, 15 lbs of creamer and 10 lbs of sugar. I guess we're gonna be here awhile!
  • One day we delayed delivery of mail from Canada Post... for approximately 3 minutes and only because the driver was a good friend of one of the picketers so she stopped to chat.
  • Weekly BBQ's - hot dogs, hamburgers & great salads.
  • Soup Day in the pouring rain.
  • Christine locking her keys in the car.
  • The day Susan went home sick. Incidentally, also the quietest day on the picket line.


Maureen B. : Words cannot express our gratitude to Maureen. She's our favorite. Her cheery personality and warm scones and muffins brighten even the rainiest days. Stay tuned for her new book, "Cooking for the Unplugged."

AUPE : for coffee, creamer & sugar and most importantly, our shelter!!

Telus picketers : for doughnuts and moral support.

Rick Warner : (who was that guy anyway?)

Guy & Steve : for visiting (& paying us!)

Rodney : for Starbucks

Barbara Kramer : who brought us coffee in the pouring rain even though she didn't know ANY of us

ETS bus driver : brought us coffee and donuts

Anonymous donor : brought us coffee and donuts thinking we were Telus picketers. (oops!)

CBC Managers : Thanks for the memories!

Quotes... heard on the line

Don W. : "I've lost count of how many times I've done this."

Kirk P. : "It's getting cold out... almost as cold as Rabinovich's heart."

Susan B. : "I always wanted to be out standing in my field."

Eugène C. : "Are you honkin' at me???"

Kathy Z. : "I smell exhaust... or is that the porta-potty... or is that the smell of victory?"

Zygmund G. : "Would you like to see my diagnostic tool?" followed closely by - "Where is my free Starbucks?"

Hiroshi :

Bob H. : "So this is what it's like to have the weekends off."

Mike N. : "No comment. I reserve the right to remain silent."

Carl J. : "I'm doing this for the glory!"

Terry : "My doctor says it makes it worse if I picket."

Christine B. : "One day at a time."

Lloyd J. : "My mom said I'd love show business."

John : "doddi doddi dah dah di dot de... dum diddi doo!"

Dave J.: "I can't believe how much you ladies talk and WHAT you talk about!!"

Lynne O. : "There are some good people out there... they're not all bastards."

John P. : "Are you ok in there, Suzie!" (while knocking on porta-potty door)

John Q. : "Look at the size of that transmitter!"

Thursday, September 08, 2005


MVP : Kirk - he is our survival kit on wheels

Master of ceremonies : Susan (no explanation needed)

Most miles logged : Kirk

"Les Miserables" Award : Zygmund

Best Damn Graphic Artist in North America Award : Kathy

Best coffee maker : Bob

Best new arrival : John P. (also the 1st to drive up on a 2 wheeler)

Most miles logged holding hands : Eugène & Lynne

Quietest picket captain EVER : Mike

Most easy-going : Carl

Best legs : Lloyd


Click on the link to see photos taken during picket duty at the Transmitter site. Check back often as we will update as we go.

TIPS... for visitors to the Transmitter Site

- Walk softly and carry a big umbrella.

- What's said at the Transmitter site, stays at the Transmitter site.

- There may be a little rain or a lot of rain but trust us... there will be rain!

- Friday is "Dress Casual" day.

And finally,

- PLEASE do not ask Zygmund to see his diagnostic tool!!!!