Friday, September 09, 2005


  • Our first visitor to the site was Marlene J. who brought delicious hot biscuits. (Come back anytime!)
  • One morning a semi-trailer came down Wye Road, the wrong way and halted all traffic. The trailer was attempting to pick up a building at the transmitter site. Rumour has it that it was driven by a manager.
  • RCMP 2 night stakeout at the transmitter site due to a domestic dispute in the neighbourhood.
  • Don Shue took some time out of his new football cameraman career to stop by and rub our faces in it.
  • Best honking day so far : Friday, September 2nd (due to approaching Labour Day weekend perhaps?)
  • Best Handout Day (yet) : Also Friday, September 2nd.
  • A definate event was the day the Porta-potty arrived. No more excuses to drive to a washroom. Damn!
  • The day the "Gazebo" arrived. Many thanks to AUPE. They also dropped off 30 lbs of coffee, 15 lbs of creamer and 10 lbs of sugar. I guess we're gonna be here awhile!
  • One day we delayed delivery of mail from Canada Post... for approximately 3 minutes and only because the driver was a good friend of one of the picketers so she stopped to chat.
  • Weekly BBQ's - hot dogs, hamburgers & great salads.
  • Soup Day in the pouring rain.
  • Christine locking her keys in the car.
  • The day Susan went home sick. Incidentally, also the quietest day on the picket line.


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