Friday, September 09, 2005

Quotes... heard on the line

Don W. : "I've lost count of how many times I've done this."

Kirk P. : "It's getting cold out... almost as cold as Rabinovich's heart."

Susan B. : "I always wanted to be out standing in my field."

Eugène C. : "Are you honkin' at me???"

Kathy Z. : "I smell exhaust... or is that the porta-potty... or is that the smell of victory?"

Zygmund G. : "Would you like to see my diagnostic tool?" followed closely by - "Where is my free Starbucks?"

Hiroshi :

Bob H. : "So this is what it's like to have the weekends off."

Mike N. : "No comment. I reserve the right to remain silent."

Carl J. : "I'm doing this for the glory!"

Terry : "My doctor says it makes it worse if I picket."

Christine B. : "One day at a time."

Lloyd J. : "My mom said I'd love show business."

John : "doddi doddi dah dah di dot de... dum diddi doo!"

Dave J.: "I can't believe how much you ladies talk and WHAT you talk about!!"

Lynne O. : "There are some good people out there... they're not all bastards."

John P. : "Are you ok in there, Suzie!" (while knocking on porta-potty door)

John Q. : "Look at the size of that transmitter!"


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