Sunday, September 25, 2005

Road trip Quiz

As promised, here is the quiz regarding Kathy & Susan's road trip to Saskatchewan last week. I hope you were all listening attentively to their stories. Remember, whoever gets all three questions right earns 4 free hours of picket duty. Good luck!

Question #1 : How many jars of sauerkraut did Susan and Kathy pick up during their trip?

Question #2 : How many rings of kielbasa did they buy in Mundare?

Question #3 : Where in Saskatchewan did Susan & Kathy save a cow?

Good luck with the quiz!! For many more pictures of their fabulous road trip, please check out this link. You'll be treated to some great pictures of Kathy picketing with her 90 year old mother in Regina, Kathy & Susan doing some door-to-door outreach work in Saskatoon and much, much more....


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